Do you serve breakfast?

No, we do not serve breakfast at Epokgården, but we do sell breakfast tickets to the nearby Cafe Wilma, which is open every day, all year round, between 8am and 5pm. Many of our guests want to cook their own breakfast, and both ICA and Coop are within easy reach of Epokgården.

Is smoking allowed at Epokgården?

No, smoking is prohibited in the rooms and in all public areas. Smoking is allowed outside in the yard, but remember not to smoke near doors or open windows so that other guests are disturbed. And always put farts in our deployed ashtrays.

How do I get Wifi up and running?

All our guests are welcome to use our wireless network.

Network name: Epakgarden

Guest password: Laban1616

How do I get Google TV/Chromecast running on the TV?

Our TV sets are equipped with Google TV/Chromecast. In addition to just streaming from your phone, Google TV gives our TV sets "Smart TV" functions with apps such as SVT Play, Netflix, Spotify, etc. Most of them work so that you turn on both the TV and Google TV with the little white remote control. Otherwise, you need to turn on the TV with the black remote control and select HDMI 1 (or HDMI 2) to access Google TV.

Something I should think about when I cook?

Yes, it is important that you turn on the kitchen fan at maximum when you are cooking as our smoke detectors are very sensitive. All kitchens are fully equipped with what you usually need, but if something specific is missing, you can ask us at reception. Then, of course, you clean up and do the dishes after yourself. 🙂

Where do I throw my trash?

Here at Epokgården, all waste must be sorted. In the kitchens there are containers for mixed waste and compost/food waste. We have packaging collection (metal, glass, paper, etc.) in the right door in the red shed by the gate. Behind the left door are bins for garbage bags with mixed waste and compost/food waste.

Is there an iron?

We have ironing boards and irons to borrow. Ask us at reception and we will help you.

Are there hair dryers?

Yes, we have hair dryers to lend. Ask us at reception and we will help you.

Is there a pharmacy in Öregrund?

Yes, there is a Pharmacy at Rådhusgatan 6, a little further down our street. It is open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm and Saturdays 9am-2pm. Closed for lunch between 12:30-13:30.

If I want to go out to eat, where should I go?

During high season, it is good to book restaurants in advance. All the restaurants are down in the harbor just a few minutes' walk from Epokgården.

Gula Huset: Cozy place with nice Neapolitan pizzas (the one with kale is delicious) and good meat dishes. Pizza and takeaway food are available here. Website: www.restauranggulahuset.se

HummelgrundFinkrogen in Öregrund, very good food but a little more expensive than the others. Website: www.hummelgrund.com

Hamnkrogen BrygganNice restaurant with good prices and good food. Good sun position. Pizza and takeaway food are available here.
Telephone: 0173-310 42 

Jakten: Pizza and simple food at good prices. Pizza and takeaway food are available here.                  Website: www.restaurangjakten.se

Cafe Wilma: Öregrund's patisserie makes fine pastries and delicious bread. Here you can eat both breakfast, coffee and lunch. Open every day of the week all year round. 08-17

Infartsmacken: Yes, in Öregrund you can buy both petrol and good food at the supermarket. Here you can pick up nice tapas trays or wraps for your picnic on the rocks or eat in our garden.                               Website: www.infartsmackenioregrund.se

Strandnära (only during summer): Fantastic location by the lighthouse. Most beautiful place to have a drink before the meal or why not book a seafood platter in one of their boats. Website: strandnaraoregrund.se

Söderströms (only during summer): Good food and good service. Our favorites are their meze and their desserts, but everything is delicious! Website: soderstromsveranda.se

Terrassen (only during summer): Pizza, pasta, perfect for the family. Often have troubadours or music quizzes in the summer.

Tullbacken (only during summer)You can watch the sun go down while drinking a good drink or eating a good dinner. Website: www.strandhotellet.nu/restaurang/

Slupen (only during summer): Here you can have a drink in the solar gas on hot days. And eat lunch and dinner too! Website: www.restaurangslupen.se